Thanks for visiting our website, we are a import repair shop specializing in BMW, Mercedes, and Japanese vehicles. We welcome the chance to serve your automotive repair needs with a wide variety of services and are located at 11201 Hopson Rd. Suite D Ashland Va. 23005. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Telephone us at (804) 368-7123 or contact us on the web.   

     Today's complex computer control systems call for special tools and training to diagnose and repair your vehicle. The days of the general work on everything garages are over. The dealers offer service but often leave the customer feeling like a number and often are not cost effective. What about the choice of quality aftermarket parts made by the same companies who make the parts for the car maker? When the car is under warranty it should be repaired at the dealer. When the warranty has expired would you like to have a choice? How much of the cost of your repairs pays for the overhead at the dealer? How much experience do the technicians have? We think the solution is the right combination of old fashioned customer service, 22 years experience both at dealers and independents, state of the art diagnostic equipment and training to get your car repaired correctly.

     We at Advanced Diagnostics believe in giving you the customer the information to make the right choices for you and your vehicle. Addressing the issues you brought the car in for as well as recommendations on other service needs. Whether your car needs an oil change or the electric windows are broken you want it fixed correctly at a fair price. We can provide diagnostics and repair services for engine, drive train, suspension, body electrical, traction control, anti-lock brakes, airbag,  air conditioning, and climate controls. We offer car and key memory programming as well as coding and programming for many systems on a variety of auto makes. We can perform used car purchase checks, maintenance or scheduled service as well as engine and transmission replacement. Let us help you get the most out of your car!

     We can be reached for an appointment on our contact page or e-mail us at lee@advdiag.comcastbiz.net     or  bruce@advdiag.comcastbiz.net  or feel free to call us at (804) 368-7123 during business hours. We hope to hear from you soon.